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Video Creation

Learn how to create professional HIGH engaging videos using common tools that you already have. Whatever your level is when it comes to video creation, you can learn a lot of things inside.

Video Marketing

Videos are now proven to be the BEST way to promote your business, but strategies keep on changing as technology advances. Keep up with the LATEST trends by going over our video marketing courses.

Private Community

It's hard to be alone and get stuck at some point. That's why we created an ACTIVE community where we can all hangout and help each other REACH OUR GOALS!

Video Courses

We want you to SUCCEED and get ahead of the game. For that, we are adding NEW courses every month and show you the LATEST trends that are working in the video and Internet marketing world.


Cham Atatis

Cham is the guy behind courses such as Video Rubix, Motion Ads, Vidtasia, Video Thrive Society, Social Video Ads, etc. Small business owners from different countries have been learning from his training.

Before all these, he learned video production from college, worked as a video editor in a National TV station, did weddings and events video coverage locally, and provided video creation services to business owners around the world.

He got lucky to marry a beautiful woman and now has a cute little daughter.

Geoff was Cham's partner when they worked as video editors in a TV station a few years ago. He continued to work as a video editor in various TV shows for nearly a decade, until he decided to rejoin Cham in UpVid, to provide stunning video stocks and graphics for marketers and video content creators.

He enjoys spending the weekends with his family and girlfriend.

Geoffrey Ang

Chayne Moling

Chayne is a Real Estate Broker and Appraiser. He sold various properties using the power of video and social media marketing. He is also a Certified Business Trainer, teaching social media marketing to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Before real estate, Chayne has been doing Internet marketing, providing article writing and web development services, and doing other Internet marketing ventures.

He has a really furry wolf-like dog named Sacha.